Why Us?

Healthcare-cro is the viable overseas alternative to costly healthcare in your country. High costs in your country may take the form of excluded medical conditions, extensivewaiting periods amongst many other ' factors', also your expectation of patient care.

Healthcare-cro delivers a rewarding alternative by combining your medical needs with travel and leisure. We offer the highest quality and standards in health and medical services and aftercare patient treatment.

Our services are comprehensive with complete attention to detail and continous patient care at fraction of the costs you have to expect in your country. We are client driven and totally focused on your health or medical treatments and needs.

Our team is dedicated to making your experience the best. We are experts in negotiating the ultimate packages with top health and medical providers for our clients. By leading you towards the most optimal decision, Healthcare-cro is the smartest solution for you.

Door to Door Services

Healthcare-cro arranges everything for you. You don't have to hassle with reservation of your transportation, choice of health or medical service provider, post recovery treatments, hotels, nurses, etc.

We tailor your health or medical tourism visit to fit your every need.

Contact Us, send an e-mail, and tell us what you need and we will do our best to make your journey  possible and comfortable, whether you just want to have your treatment and return home afterwards or if you are also looking for some leisure and tourism, Healthcare-cro has a flexible offer that can guarantee you absolute satisfaction.

Medical Care Abroad Accredited

By adopting medical tourism standards developed by the  medical tourism organisations  Healthcare-cro is proud to be one of the few medical facilitator companies which successfully completed all requirements and got approved. Our Partners, from airlines and hotels till Health and Medical Service providers, have worldwide recognised accreditations and all necessary licences to be able to faciliate patients/clients and provide treatments and services they need.

More affordable than at home, closer than you think

Thanks to technology and competitive air fares the world has certainly gotten smaller in terms of travel, economy and relationships. Croatia is just a short flight from most European countries and offers a range of excellent healthcare services at much lower prices than elsewhere in Western Europe. Thanks to the internet, you can now book your medical treatment and be here in no time at all with  taking care of your every need.

Leaders in health tourism  is considered a leader in health tourism. All our clients receive warm, personalized care, ensuring that your experience with us is a positive and memorable one. We assist you with all your travel needs - combining your cosmetic dental or surgical treatment with accommodation, spa & wellness, sightseeing and clinic transfer services. We offer you a completely customized ‘health & beauty holiday’ in one of our stunning holiday resorts eather at the Adriatic sea or  Zagorje ( oasis of preserved nature, clean air and healthy thermal springs ) and its Castle's.

Our doctors are world renowned for their high level of expertise, innovative procedures, state of the art technology and ultra modern clinics. Healthcare-cro partners with only the most reputable clinics and health care professionals in Croatia.

With our professional medical team of caring doctors and staff fluent in English, Italian, Slovenian, German and other international languages we are confident our service will exceed your expectations.

In order to provide you with the best possible treatment, our professional team continues to attend periodic training seminars to stay up to date with new advancements and innovations in their specialist field.

Extra services

We want you to feel at home in Croatia, so we go out of our way to make your stay as comfortable, safe and stress-free as possible. Whether you come alone or with a partner our driver will be waiting to collect you at the airport. From the time you arrive to the time you leave, Healthcare-cro is at your service to make your visit a pleasant one.

Our  extra services include the following

  • Organising English speaking personal assistant (all our service providers and their staff are english speaking)
  • Help and advice with travel plans including transport from your home to the airport
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Organising day programs and tours
  • Free airport-hotel-clinic transfer (where aplicable)

Aftercare, complaints and feedback

In order to ensure that our standards meet our patients’ requirements, we would like to learn more about our customers' experience and opinions. All our patients will benefit from our services throughout their stay in Croatia and even after arrival to their home meaning they can contact us at any time in case there are some complications regarding the surgery or treatment they went through.

In case of complaints (regardless of the type of treatment) experienced at any of our clinics as well as complaints at the accommodation facilities, the first step should be to contact us directly.

If possible write an email first in which you should describe as detailed as possible your complaint. We will make the necessary steps to solve your situation and contact you as soon as possible, usually in maximum 24 hours after receiving your email.

After consulting with the clinic or accommodation facility we will offer you the best solution to your problem.

For a continous improvement of our services all our patients after their arrival to their home place, they will get a questionnaire to be completed with suggestions, good or bad experiences and nevertheless what would they change to make our services a more professional one.

When it comes to health tourism, Healthcare-cro is at the forefront of personal care and professional service.

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