The Medical Travel Process

At the Healthcare-cro we want to keep the process of medical tourism as simple as possible while still paying attention to the necessary detail.

Our process is broken into six simple steps as it follows

1.      Case Assesment

At the heart of the case assesment is you establish contact with us.

Please use Contact Us key at the Home page or send us email to:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and simply describe what are you looking for, what diagnosis you have received and anything else you need to share.

2.      Request a Quote

Based on the initial information we have gathered we will make a preliminary offer. This will usually happen within 24hrs after you have send us your Request for Quote form.

Please go to Request for Quote key.

3.      Medical Review

In this phase, we will work with you to collect your medical history and diagnosis as well as any treatment recommendations from your physician ( if they exist ). Should you decide to move on we will put together a complete treatment plan for you within next 48hrs after receiving all necessary information to do so.

Please go to Request for Quote key and fill in Patient Medical History Questionnarie and use Medical File Upload section to forward us all medical documentation you have considered relevant and we may request the additional infomation.

Off course all your data is treated with total confidentiality. Should you accept the plan we will discuss preferred dates and plan your Journey.

4.      Plan your Trip

Please press the relevant key at the Home page and fill in Patient

Trip Planning Questionnarie we provide for you and forward us other relevant infomation/ requirements you find important .

5.      Receive Treatments

Once you arrive at your destination in Croatia, a representative of Healthcare-cro will already expecting you. On the way to the hotel or hospital we will review your data and reconfirm that we have everything correct. If additional tests are required, they will be conducted per schedule and you will than meet your Doctor to discuss the prcedure of your treatment ( where applicable ).

After your procedure we will visit you as soon as you are willing to receive visitors. We are also in close contact with the Doctor during your treatment and provide an update to your family, should you want us to do this.

As soon as the Doctor and you are comfortable with it you will be dismissed to one of our partner hotel ( where applicable ), which should provide you with a more comfortable atmosphere .

You are then ready to transition to After Care.

6.      After Care

Depending on your procedure, you may want to take advantage of the well established rehabilitation centers or Spa & Wellness centers in Croatia.

Even further, you may enjoy at one one of our post-rehabilitation hotels or take a custom make Healthcare-cro holiday programme we have to offer.

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