The Patient ltd. is a private company with headquarters in Zagreb.  Its core business is medical transport of patients.

After fulfilling conditions regarding equipment, personnel and ambulances, they have received a positive decision from the Minister of Health to carry out these activities.

Patient ltd. have well equipped with vehicles of Mercedes Sprinter.
All vehicles are equipped with the latest resuscitation equipment to the medical transportation, we can perform an emergency transfer of patients:

  • defibrillator Life Pack 10
  • aspirator
  • respirator
  • bottles for infusion solution
  • a complete set of anti-shock therapy
  • vacuum mattresses for immobilisation
  • cardio chair for the transfer of serious cardiac and neurological patients

All cars are air conditioned and furnished so that the patient there is a place for escort as two members of the family.
Each medical team consists of driver, nurse and doctor need specific specialties, depending on the diagnosis of the patient.
Their service is characterized by high professionalism, dedication and efficiency, training to deal with all situations.

Medical transport cover the whole of Croatia, and in preparation they always have teams ready to carry out medical tarnsport in and out of the Croatia.

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