Medical Review

In this phase, we will work with you to collect your medical history and diagnosis as well as any treatment recommendations from your general practicioner or hospital (if they exist).

Should you decide to move on we will put together a complete treatment plan for you within next two working days .

Please fill in Patient Medical History Questionnarie provided and use Medical File Upload section to forward us all medical documentation you have.

Your data will be reviewed by a physician followed by initial suggestions for the next steps.

Of course all your data is treated with total confidentiality.

Patient Medical History Questionnaire


Medical History

Patient medical file upload

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Important note: All patient information provided to Healthcare-cro are kept confidential and are stored in a secure place. Information will only be exchanged with healthcare providers who are or will be directly involved in assesing and/or treating the patient. Patient information will not be passed on to any outside third party other than described above without prior consent of the patient.
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