1. Why do people travel to foreign countries for medical tourism?

Treatment abroad can be significantly cheaper, even when the costs of travel, hotel accommodation, trips and entertainment are added to the cost of the procedure and accommodation in a medical facility.

In countries like Croatia, the labour cost is lower than in many other countries and you will be able to get service of equal quality for less money, sometimes even better that the one covered by your personal health insurance in your country.

Because the medicines and equipment cost less money, you can afford the best world medications and the latest procedures and choose top specialists which might be unavailable to you in your country.

2. How long do I have to wait for a treatment in Croatia?

Due to the large number of private clinics and surgeries which offer procedures and treatment of equally high standards, the patients usually do not have to be placed on a waiting list, they can schedule an appointment according to their wishes immediately after they choose the region of their stay and the specialist who would perform the procedure.

3. What are the health protection standards in Croatia?

The medical professionals in Croatia are at the highest, Europen level of expertise. Given their achievements and the standards of the service provided to the citizens, they have already been recognized by their collegues in the Europe and the world.

The achievements in private practice are even higher due to the state-of-the art diagnostics equipment and the equipment for the procedure itself as well as the high level of accommodation.

Many leading doctors, in addition to their work at the clinic and teaching at medical schools, cooperate with private clinics as associates or consultants, part of the team which makes sure that your procedure goes in the best possible way.

4. Can I hire top authority specialist in Croatia for my treatment?

On your request, in consultation with the clinic of your choice, you can arrange to hire a top specialist that you have heard of, or to whom you personally trust. We will also readily offer a medical expert – a specialist for your illness, as well as a medical treatment.

5. Can I undergo a necessary medical procedure during my tourist or business stay?

We can help you use your stay in Croatia, regardless of the reasons, to have a minor medical procedure, e.g. a dentist or aesthetic procedure.

We will give you fast and comprehensive information about available specialists, clinics and surgeries at the location where you are staying, or planning to stay, as well as the information about the required service.

We will also help you get proper medical assistance in case of unexpected health problems!

6. I wish to undergo a medical procedure with maximum discretion

Privacy protection is one of the key principles of medical profession. However, it can be threatened in your country by the public interests and commercial interests of the media…

By offering accommodation in countless small towns along the Adriatic coast and inland Croatia, in high-standard, isolated facilities and clinics where ensuring privacy is considered an investment in reputation and future patients, Croatia will open its door for you and help you to have your medical procedure while remaining anonymous to the outside world.

7. I have some fears about traveling abroad to have a medical procedure. Is it safe to travel to Croatia?

As a tourist country, Croatia guarantees maximum security to all its visitors. The crime rate is low and you can enjoy your stay without fear when you move outside tourist locations.

Croatia has also achieved high standards in rendering medical services. Complications caused by medical mistakes are rare and state-of-the-art methods and equipment are available. Medical knowledge in Croatia is on the European and world level and Croatian experts are authorities even on the international level.


Croatia offers a high level of security to its citizens in accordance with European standards, as well as to its numerous tourists.

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